Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell

Black Notice by Patricia Cornwell

This crime mystery is the tenth book in the series featuring Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Virginia. I very much enjoyed reading this book, and will be reading the next book in the series in the fullness of time.

As the book opens in early December, a letter is delivered to Scarpetta from Benton Wesley; he wrote it to have delivered to her if he was ever killed (which happened in the previous book). Kay, still deep in grief, goes to the Richmond docks, as a body has been found in a container off of a cargo ship from Belgium. The body is dressed in Armani clothes, and there is a cryptic message found that says, “Bon voyage, le loup-garou”. Scarpetta also finds out that due to changes made by Diane Bray, the new Deputy Chief in the police department, Pete Marino has been removed from the Detective division and put back in uniform, and that Bray is attempting to shut out Scarpetta’s office. In other developments, Lucy is still with ATF, but working out of the Miami office; she and her partner (both professionally and personally) are working undercover to try to take down a crime cartel. Because the “Container Man” case appears to be international, Scarpetta sends off an alert to Interpol; since it relates to an unidentified dead person, the alert is a so-called Black Notice. Scarpetta also discovers that there is a thief in the Medical Examiner’s Office, and that someone has hacked into her AOL account to send and receive Emails without her knowledge. She also finds that someone has been impersonating her online with an “Ask Dr. Kay” chatroom, and she figures out that someone is trying to make her seem incompetent at her job.

I found this to be a very good book, one that was a pleasure to read, with a very good plot.

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