Daily Update: Monday, February 23rd, 2015


Today is the Memorial 0f Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr (died c. 155).

Today’s Saint was born in AD 69 and was converted to Christianity by Saint John the Apostle, remaining his disciple. Becoming Bishop of Smyrna (modern Izmir, Turkey), he fought Gnosticism and was a major Christian leader during the first half of the second century. The Asia Minor churches recognized Polycarp’s leadership and chose him as their representative to Pope Anicetus on the question of the date of the Easter celebration. Only one of the many letters written by Polycarp has survived, the one he wrote to the Church of Philippi, Macedonia. At 86 Polycarp was to be burned alive in the stadium in Smyrna; the flames did not harm him and he was finally killed by a dagger and his body burned. The Acts of Polycarp’s martyrdom are the earliest preserved reliable account of a Christian martyr’s death. He is one of the Apostolic Fathers, and is the Patron Saint invoked against dysentery and earache (and in my opinion, it would be dreadful to have both afflictions at the same time).

I did my Bathroom Devotional Reading, and put on new casino pants (my idea) and Vaseline© where my pants were rubbing on me (Richard’s idea). Richard bagged up the trash and put the trash can out on the curb, and we left the house (41° at 1:30 am). I did my Internet Devotional Reading; once at the casino, since the deadline I had posted on my sign had expired yesterday, I cleared out my locker of everything that was not mine. (The only marginally valuable items were a pair of ear-buds; I don’t use ear-buds (preferring my behind-the-neck headphones), so I put them on the counter in the shift office, for anyone who wants them.) Before work I did my Daily Update for yesterday, Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 via WordPress for Android. I then called the pharmacy and renewed my prescriptions. Once we clocked in, Richard was on Pai Gow (which was busy all day), and I was on Mini Baccarat (which was dead after about 6:30 am). Liz Ellen sent me a video (which she posted on my Facebook page) of her successful attempt to toss boiling water outside into the sub-zero temperatures in Eastern Kentucky to have it turn into instant fog.

After work Richard picked up my prescriptions at the pharmacy, and we headed homeward; once in our town we picked up lunch from McDonald’s, and once we got home (with the temperature at 37° at 12:00 pm, colder than when we had left for work) and I ate my lunch while reading the morning paper. I then got hooked by four episodes of Bones; “The Future in the Past”, “The Partners in the Divorce”, :”The Gunk in the Garage”, and “The Tiger in the Tale”, all from the beginning of Season 8 (2012). We then watched Jeopardy!, then Richard went on to bed, and I am finishing today’s Daily Update before joining him. Later tonight the New Orleans Pelicans will play a home game with the Toronto Raptors, and I will record the score in tomorrow’s Daily Update.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, with no Saints to honor (and none to honor until Tuesday next); but tomorrow is the anniversary of the date in 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII issued the papal bull Inter gravissimas to correct the old Julian calendar (and thereby ushered in the current Gregorian Calendar, adopted first by Catholic countries and later, with some grumbling, by non-Catholic countries). Tomorrow Richard and I will get up early to sign the Early Out list at the casino. I always say our chances of getting out early are 50 – 50 (either we get out early, or we don’t). The weather reports are calling for freezing rain overnight, which might mean that some of our co-workers feel that it would be unsafe for them to drive to work (laugh if you want, those of my readers who are in the Frozen North; at 30° North, freezing rain on the roads is a real hazard). So we might not get out, if there are barely enough dealers to cover open tables. We can only wait and see. In the morning after we get out (or in the afternoon, after lunch) we will nap, then we will go back to the casino for the 5:45 Meeting with Max, our Table Games Director (one of four meeting times available) to hear his current thoughts on table games. And tomorrow night our LSU Men’s Basketball team will play an away game with Auburn.

Our Monday Afternoon Parting Quote comes to us from Paul C. P. McIlhenny, American businessman. Born in 1944 in Houston, Texas, he was a member of the McIlhenny family that had founded the McIlhenny Company on Avery Island, Louisiana, in 1868 to manufacture their trademarked Tabasco sauce. He joined the family business (as part of the sixth generation of the family of the founder) in 1967, serving over the years in many different departments of the company. He spearheaded the idea of selling Tabasco-branded items, such as T-shirts, watches, aprons, golf balls, salt shakers, and neckties, all bearing the distinctive Tabasco diamond green and red symbol.. McIlhenny became president of McIlhenny Company in 1998. Under McIlhenny’s leadership the business experienced several consecutive years of record growth in sales, earnings and dividends to family shareholders. In 2006 he reigned as King of Rex at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, at the first Mardi Gras after Hurricane Katrina the previous August. In 2009 the McIlhenny Company became one of just a few U.S. companies to receive a royal warrant of appointment that certifies the company as a supplier to Queen Elizabeth II. McIlhenny is one of the 850 companies around the world that have been officially designated as suppliers to the queen by such warrants. He remained as president of the company until 2012, when he stepped down to replace his late cousin, Edward “Ned” McIlhenny Simmons, as Chairman of the Board. McIlhenny retained the office of Chief Executive Officer, however, while another cousin, Tony Simmons, became president and Chief Operating Officer (died 2013): “We’re defending the world against bland food.”

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