Daily Update: Monday, May 18th, 2015

John I

Today is the Optional Memorial of Saint John I, Pope and Martyr (died 526).

Born about 470 in Populonia, Tuscany, John was elected the 53rd Pope in 523. Italy’s ruler, Theodoric the Great of the Ostrogoths, was an Arian (believing that Jesus was a Creature made by God, and not God Himself). For a while he left Catholics alone, but in later life Theodoric became suspicious of everyone, imagining conspiracies and attempts to seize his throne. Despite the protests of John, he was sent by Theodoric to Constantinople to secure a moderation of Emperor Justin I’s decree of 523 against the Arians. Theodoric threatened that if John should fail in his mission there would be reprisals against the orthodox Catholics in the West. John was the first Pope to travel to Constantinople, and while there crowned Justin. The mission was successful, but Theodoric thought John and Justin had plotted against him. When John returned to Ravenna, Theodoric’s capital, Theodoric had him arrested; he was imprisoned at Ravenna, where he died of neglect and ill treatment in 526. His body was transported to Rome and buried in the Basilica of St. Peter.

I did my Bathroom Devotional Reading, and we gathered up the trash so that Richard could put the trash can out on the curb. When we got to work I called the Pharmacy and renewed a prescription. Once we clocked in, on the first day of the new pay period, Richard was on Three Card Poker, and I was on Pai Gow; from 5:00 am until about 9:00 am I had no guests at my table. On my breaks I sent an Email to the moderator of my Third Tuesday Book Club telling her that I would not be at the meeting, since I ran out of time to read the book. I also sent a Goodreads message to the moderator of my Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Club telling him that I would not be at the meeting (it’s the same Tuesday that we will be in Connecticut). On one of my last breaks I sent a text message to Matthew telling him our travel plans and that I had been to see the Deacon at our church; on my query as to how Callie is doing, he answered, “Better every day still pretty rough though.”

After work we went over to the Clinic, and the receptionist did not have me down for an appointment with the Health Coach. (What happened is that she normally has all of Monday blocked off, but she made an exception for me to see her at 11:10 am on Mondays, as that is the best time for me; and the office forgot to put that it’s a recurring appointment.) So my next appointment with the Health Coach is on Monday, June 1st (next Monday is Memorial Day, and the clinic is closed), and I no longer need feel guilty about not printing out my health logs for her yesterday afternoon. It was not a wasted trip, though, as I was able to pick up my prescription at the pharmacy. We then swung through the drive-through at McDonald’s for lunch, and on our way home Richard called his cousin Lele. Upon her assurance that she was at home, we stopped by there on our way home to show her the baby photos. (With an eye for the future, I have a separate file on my Android S-4 containing all of the baby’s photos, going back to the very first sonogram, and that is where I will keep her photos.) Once home I read the morning paper, then took a nap until 4:00 pm. When I woke up I did my Daily Update for yesterday, Sunday, May 17th, 2015, and I am now eating my dinner of baked pork chop steak, baked sweet potato, and steamed brussels sprouts while I do tonight’s Daily Update. When I finish with the computer I will try to give my friend Nedra a call; she does not have Facebook, and does not know yet that I am a grandmother.

Tomorrow we have no Saints to honor; instead, we will note that tomorrow is the anniversary of the 1962 birthday salute to President John F. Kennedy at Madison Square Garden, New York City, with the highlight being Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of “Happy Birthday”. Tomorrow is our Friday at the casino, and we may sign the Early Out list (or not, depending on how we feel). In the afternoon I will work on Advance Daily Update Drafts for this weblog. And normally I would go to my Third Tuesday Book Club Meeting on the third Tuesday of each month, but I’m not going, due to not having read our book.

This Monday afternoon brings us a Parting Quote from Wayne Allwine, American voice actor, sound effects editor and Foley artist. Born in 1947 in Glendale, California, as a student in high school in Burbank, California, he appeared in school plays and formed his own music group, The International Singers, which performed in clubs and colleges throughout the state. He later played rhythm guitar for the band Davie Allan & the Arrows. He began working for the Walt Disney Company in 1973; in 1977, he did the voice of Mickey Mouse for the animated lead-ins for The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1977. Allwine thus became only the third person to voice the Mouse (after Walt Disney himself from 1928, and Jimmy MacDonald from 1947). His first appearance as Mickey for a theatrical release was in the 1983 featurette Mickey’s Christmas Carol. In the same film he voiced a Santa Claus on the street appealing for charity donations at the start of the movie and the two weasel undertakers in the Christmas future scene. He also starred (as the voice of Mickey Mouse) in films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), The Prince and the Pauper (1990) and Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers (2004), and the TV series Mickey Mouse Works (1999 – 2000), Disney’s House of Mouse (2001  -2003), and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (2006 – 2009). He provided Mickey’s voice for nearly every entry in the popular Kingdom Hearts series of video games, which was done in collaboration with Japanese video game company Square Enix. In addition to his voice work, Allwine was also a sound effects editor on Disney films and TV shows including Splash (1984) and Three Men and a Baby (1987); as well as Innerspace (1987), Alien Nation (1988) and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) for other studios. In 1986 he met Russi Taylor, the new voice of Minnie Mouse, at a session of voices for Totally Minnie (1988); the two married in 1991, and were both named Disney Legends in 2008. The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode “Road Rally” was produced with Allwine as Mickey’s voice (Allwine’s name appears in the end credits) but was first aired after his death (died 2009) “My life has been spent working, in one capacity or another, for the Disney family. I consider it to be a very high calling, serving Walt’s ‘dream’.”

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