The Fortune of War by Patrick O’Brian

The Fortune of War by Patrick O'Brian

This is the sixth Aubrey – Maturin book in the series set in the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, featuring our favorite fighting captain and our favorite surgeon / international spy. I first read this book in August 2001, and again in December 2006; I enjoyed rereading this novel, which had more action than just the usual single-ship naval actions.

In the never-ending year of 1812, Aubrey brings the horrible old Leopard to the port of Pulo Batang on the Dutch East Indies, having left the remaining transported prisoners at Botany Bay. Jack Aubrey and his followers are to board La Flèche courier ship, as his next command, Acasta, awaits him in England. The rest of the crew is left with Admiral Drury in Pulo Batang.

Without giving away too much of the plot, Aubrey and Maturin eventually end up in Boston, Massachusetts as prisoners of war of the Americans. They also meet up with Diana Villiers and her Mr. Johnson, who is now enamoured of Louisa Wogan, who is convinced that Captain Aubrey is the party who fed her false information on the Leopard which caused a wholesale purge of American and French spies.

I will soon begin re-reading the next book in the series, and eventually the year of 1812 will end.

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