Daily Update: Saturday, March 5th, 2016

03-05 - Boston Massacre and Election Day

Today is the First Saturday of the month, dedicated to devotions to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We have no Saints to honor; but on this date in 1770 the event known to history as the Boston Massacre took place in Boston, Massachusetts. Today is also the Presidential Preference Primary and Municipal Primary Election in Louisiana. And today is the birthday of the little sister of several of the Assembled, Sarah (1992).

The First Saturday of each month is dedicated to devotions to the Sacred Heart of Mary, Turning to the secular world and American history, British army troops had been sent to Boston in 1768 to help officials enforce the unpopular Townshend Acts, a series of laws passed by the British Parliament, and tempers were high in the city. An evening argument over an alleged unpaid bill escalated into a mob scene outside of the Custom House. Some seven or eight soldiers, with two officers, reached the Custom House, and stood in a semi-circle perimeter against some 300 to 400 unruly citizens throwing rocks and snowballs. After one of the privates was hit by a club and knocked to the ground, someone ordered “Fire!” and the troops fired piecemeal into the crowd, hitting eleven men; three men died instantly, one man died a few hours later, and another man died two weeks later. At the subsequent trial for murder, the soldiers and their officers were defended by John Adams, who managed an acquittal for six men, and a sentence of manslaughter for two more men, which sentence was reduced to branding of the thumb in open court. The jury’s decisions suggest that they believed John Adams’s defence that the soldiers had felt threatened by the crowd and were within their rights to open fire. The Boston Massacre helped spark the rebellion in some of the British American colonies, which culminated in the American Revolutionary War. (The famous engraving shows a day scene, with no snow, and the British troops firing in a disciplined volley; it was calculated to raise righteous indignation over the “massacre” in the Colonies.) Today is also the Presidential Preference Primary and Municipal Primary Election in Louisiana; in my town we not only vote in the Presidential Preference Primary, but we also vote for a new mayor (our old one died in November). And today is the birthday of the little sister of several of the Assembled, Sarah (1992).

I did my Bathroom Devotional Reading, posted to Facebook that today is Election Day in Louisiana, put out my flag, and on our way to work I did my Internet Devotional Reading. At the Pre-Shift Meeting Richard won a $25.00 gift certificate (for providing good guest services), which he turned over to me. When we went out onto the casino floor, Richard was on the Sit-Down Blackjack Game; he then became the Relief Dealer for Mini Baccarat, Pai Gow, and (once) for the Sit-Down Blackjack game. I was an Extra, was assigned to Mini Baccarat (the table was closing), went to Four Card Poker, then ended up on my formerly closed Mini Baccarat table, which had been reopened in the meantime. On my breaks I did my Daily Update for yesterday, Friday, March 4th, 2016 via WordPress for Android.

When we got home from work I set up my medications for next week (I have one prescription to renew on Monday). I then ate my lunch salad from yesterday and read the morning paper. Richard left to go vote and to get cat food and new LED lights for the back porch from Wal-Mart, and I headed for the Adoration Chapel to do my Weekly Hour of Eucharistic Adoration. After my Hour I went to City Hall and voted, mostly for mayor of our municipality and in the Presidential Democratic Primary. When I got home, I got on this computer to do today’s Daily Update. Our LSU Men’s Basketball team is playing their last regular season game at #22 Kentucky as I type (and losing, last time I looked), our #7 ranked LSU Baseball team is playing Fordham in the second game of a three-game home series, followed by the third game of the series in a double-header, and tonight our New Orleans Pelicans will be playing a home game with the Utah Jazz; I will record the scores of all four games in tomorrow’s Daily Update (as well as the results of the election). And now I will finish this Daily Update and take a bath and do some reading before going to bed.

Tomorrow is the Fourth Sunday of Lent (Lætare Sunday), and a day with no Saints. And those of my Five or Six Loyal Readers or of my Minions of Followers who are from Texas need not be reminded that tomorrow is the anniversary of the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. Tomorrow is the last day of the two-week pay period at the casino, and we will work our eight hours. And I do not have anything exciting planned for the afternoon, save the production of yet another Daily Update before I go to bed.

Our Parting Quote on this Saturday afternoon comes from Geoff Edwards, American radio personality and game show host. Born as Geoffrey Edwards in 1931 in Westfield, New Jersey, while in college he worked for a radio station in Albany, New York. By the late 1950s, though, he had relocated to Southern California, landing his first job at KFMB-AM in San Diego, hosting an evening show and co-hosting the Don Ross / Geoff Edwards Show. After a few short stints at other stations, Edwards was hired at KMPC in Los Angeles, occupying the 9 a.m.-noon slot for several years beginning in 1968. He later worked at KFI, from which he ultimately resigned, as a protest against fellow KFI personality Tom Leykis destroying Cat Stevens’ (Yusuf Islam) records following Stevens’ call for a fatwa on Salman Rushdie. Edwards also tried his hand at acting, appearing on I Dream of Jeannie, That Girl and Petticoat Junction. On the latter show, he met and maintained a very close friendship with Meredith MacRae. He also guest starred on Police Woman, Diff’rent Strokes, and Small Wonder. In the early 1970s Edwards appeared on The Bobby Darin Show as the straight man to singer Bobby Darin. After that series ended, Edwards pursued a game show career, starting with Says Who? in 1971, followed by Cop-Out! in late 1972—however, both shows eventually turned out to be unsold pilots. Edwards’ first full-time game show hosting stint took place from March through June 1973 on Jack Barry’s Hollywood’s Talking, a remake of a late 1960s ABC game Everybody’s Talking and the Canadian hit Eye Bet. The program featured contestants watching a video clip of a celebrity talking about a subject; their job was to guess the subject in question. The series, which aired afternoons on CBS television, did not fare well and the network cancelled it in favor of the phenomenally popular Match Game remake. Six months later, in January 1974, NBC television and Bob Stewart Productions hired Edwards to host the New York-based Jackpot. That series proved to be a modest success for Edwards, lasting nearly two years. He helped changed the look of game show hosts, with long hair, an unbuttoned shirt (no tie) with gold chains, jeans, and boots. The previous fall, Chuck Barris hired Edwards to host the weekly revival of the 1950s game show Treasure Hunt, titled The New Treasure Hunt. He did the weekly version for four years (1973–1977) and helmed a daily Treasure Hunt for one year (1981–1982). Other game shows Edwards hosted over the years included the New York-based Shoot for the Stars in 1977, Chain Reaction (as a substitute host for Bill Cullen in 1980 and a regular host from 1986 to 1991, having taken over from Blake Emmons), Starcade, Play the Percentages, and a revival of Jackpot from 1989 to 1990. Also, Edwards was a substitute host in the spring of 1985 on Let’s Make a Deal, filling in for a week when Monty Hall came down with laryngitis. He had previously subbed for Hall on at least one occasion in 1972. Edwards was also co-host of the Los Angeles news program Mid Morning L.A. on KHJ-TV (now KCAL-TV), replacing Bob Hilton in the early 1980s and paired with his old friend, co-host Meredith MacRae. Edwards and MacRae won Emmy Awards for best host and best hostess respectively for a news magazine series. The two also emceed an unsold Bob Stewart-produced game show pilot, $50,000 a Minute, in 1985 for ABC. Edwards was also one of four game show hosts to have emceed a game show in the United States and another in Canada concurrently (the other three were Howie Mandel, Alex Trebek and Jim Perry). Edwards, like Perry, commuted back and forth between California and Canada between 1986 and 1991, hosting The Big Spin and the 1989 revival of Jackpot! in Sacramento, California and Glendale, and the USA Network version of Chain Reaction in Montreal, Quebec. However, Edwards was required to have a Canadian co-host on Chain Reaction, due to the fact that he had no ties to the country, unlike Trebek, Mandel and Perry (Trebek and Mandel are native Canadians; Perry had blood ties to Canada and lived in Toronto, Ontario during the first several years of Definition). His commuting days ended after Chain Reaction left the air in 1991. In 1985 Edwards became host of The Big Spin, the game show of the California Lottery, and would remain host of that program until his retirement from television in 1995. In an interview with Blog Talk Radio, Edwards said he helmed the pilot of Fun & Fortune, the lottery game show in Missouri (before Rick Tamblyn became the permanent host). In another interview, he said he was offered the host role for Family Feud but had to turn it down because he was already committed to Shoot for the Stars. Most recently Edwards was a morning DJ with KSUR (now KKGO) in Los Angeles. One of the features of his radio show was “Radio’s Answer Lady,” in which listeners could call in with questions — some serious, some not so serious — and he would answer on the air, sometimes with serious answers, sometimes with quips. He appeared as a guest on GSN Live on May 16, 2008. In his later years Edwards traveled extensively, hosting traveling programs on both radio and television, and writing about travel. His travel book, Going All The Way (2010), humorously chronicled his around the world cruise adventures (died 2014): “Right you are!”

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