Daily Update: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

08-17 - Hurricane Camille and 08-17 - Black Cat Appreciation Day and Games of the XXXI Olympiad - Rio, Brazil

With no Saints to honor today, we turn to the worst hurricane (before 2005) to ever hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast, namely, Hurricane Camille in 1969. Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day, and the Games of the XXXI Olympiad continue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Hurricane Camille made landfall with estimated sustained winds of 190 mph and a peak official storm surge of 24 feet; by maximum sustained wind speeds, Camille was the strongest tropical cyclone to make a landfall recorded worldwide, and one of only four tropical cyclones worldwide ever to achieve wind speeds of 190 miles per hour. The hurricane flattened nearly everything along the coast of the U.S. state of Mississippi, and caused additional flooding and deaths inland while crossing the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. As Camille came ashore, it passed over Ship Island, off the coast of Mississippi. Camille’s strong storm surge and torrential rains literally split the island in two: the body of water between West Ship Island and East Ship Island is now called “Camille’s Cut”. In total, Camille killed 259 people and caused $1.42 billion in damages. After years of fundraising, in 2001, on the grounds of the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Biloxi (which was destroyed by the storm), the Hurricane Camille Memorial was dedicated, containing the names of the 131 dead and the 41 missing from the storm in Mississippi. The memorial was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, but was then repaired in time for the annual Memorial Service in 2006. Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Historically, black cats have been regarded with a certain degree of fear, as being the bearers of bad luck; but I have been associated with black cats since the late 1960’s, and I love my black cats (we have four at the moment, not counting Other Cat, who comes to visit). And the Games of the XXXI Olympiad continue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Today there will be an Exhibition Gala in Gymnastics (Artistic), competition takes place in Basketball, Canoeing (Sprint), Cycling (BMX), Diving, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Handball, Volleyball (Indoor), and Water Polo, and Gold Medal Competition in Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Equestrian, Shooting, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Volleyball (Beach), and Wrestling.

I woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well; I took some Pepto-Bismol, went back to bed, and turned off my alarm clock.

I awoke at 10:00 am, posted to Facebook that today was Black Cat Appreciation Day, and did my Book Devotional Reading. I then started the Weekly Computer Maintenance (which I did not do last week, when I was in New Orleans), and read the morning paper. I then finished the Weekly Computer Maintenance and started the Weekly Virus Scan. I then did my Internet Devotional Reading and started my laundry. At 11:30 am, when I was working on my Weblog, I got a call from my Ob/Gyn reminding me of my appointment tomorrow (more anon).

Richard and I left the house at 12:30 pm and ventured out into town; it is quite busy on US-190 going through town, as Interstate 10 us still closed due to high water on the exit and entrance ramps. We ate Chinese for lunch at Peking, and then at the Valero Richard gassed up the truck while I purchased my Powerball and Louisiana Lotto lottery tickets for tonight’s drawing. Richard then went to Champagne’s, where he got supplies to barbeque.

We arrived back home at 1:45 pm; the Weekly Virus Scan had completed. I worked on Advance Daily Update Drafts until 4:30 pm, when I went out to watch Jeopardy!; once again, we instead had flood coverage on. Richard did not feel like barbecuing, so he went out to Taco Bell and brought back dinner; I ate hard shell tacos while working on the computer. And I think that I will finish today’s Daily Update now, and take a bath before going to bed.

We have no Saints to honor tomorrow, so we will instead recall that tomorrow is the anniversary of the date in 1587 when Virginia Dare, granddaughter of Governor John White of the Colony of Roanoke, became the first English child born in the Americas. (White then left for England to bring back aid to the colony, but was delayed; arriving back on his granddaughter’s third birthday, in 1590, the colony had disappeared.) And the Games of the XXXI Olympiad continue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Tomorrow competition continues in Basketball, Cycling (BMX), Golf, Handball, Modern Pentathlon, Synchronized Swimming, Volleyball (Indoor), and Water Polo, and Gold Medal competition in Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Canoeing (Sprint), Diving, Field Hockey, Sailing, Taekwondo, Triathlon, Volleyball (Beach), and Wrestling. The Full Moon will arrive at 4:30 am, and after breakfast I will finish my laundry, iron my Casino pants, apron, and shirts, and prepare Liz Ellen’s more or less monthly package to mail to her. At 11:45 am I have my yearly appointment with my Ob/Gyn. I will then mail off Liz Ellen’s package to her at the post office and get my salad supplies. In the afternoon I will start my books and bookcases project and make my lunch salads for Friday and Sunday.

Our Parting Quote this Wednesday evening comes to us from Yvonne Craig, American dancer and actress. Born in 1937 in Taylorville, Illinois, she was raised in Columbus, Ohio. In 1951 her family moved to the Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas, Texas, where she attended two high schools from which she did not technically graduate due to the lack of “a single PE credit”. After being discovered by Alexandra Danilova, a ballerina and instructor, Craig joined the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo as its youngest corps de ballet member. She left the ballet company in 1957 “over a disagreement on casting changes” and moved to Los Angeles in the hopes of continuing her dancing career but found herself involved in acting. One of her earliest television roles was in an episode of the TV series Perry Mason (“The Case of the Lazy Lover”, 1958) alongside Neil Hamilton, who played her stepfather. Shortly afterwards, she appeared in three films, The Young Land, The Gene Krupa Story, and Gidget (all 1959), and also guest-starred in TV series Mr. Lucky as Beverly Mills in the episode “Little Miss Wow” (also 1959). Craig appeared with Bing Crosby in High Time (1960) and in Seven Women from Hell (1961) featured alongside Cesar Romero. She starred in roles with Elvis Presley in two films: It Happened at the World’s Fair (1963) and Kissin’ Cousins (1964). She also starred in the 1966 cult sci-fi film Mars Needs Women and appeared in In Like Flint (1967) as a Russian ballet dancer. During the 1960s, Craig regularly appeared in television drama series. Craig appeared five times on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, portraying five separate girlfriends for the titular character between 1959 and 1962. Craig appeared on Star Trek as Marta, a green-skinned Orion slave girl who wanted to kill Captain Kirk in the episode “Whom Gods Destroy” (1969). In an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (“The Brain-Killer Affair”, 1965), she helped solve the mystery of a brain-endangering poison. Craig appeared as an U.N.C.L.E. employee in a theatrical film, One Spy Too Many (1966) expanded from the episode “The Alexander the Greater Affair”). In a 1966 episode of The Wild Wild West (“The Night of the Grand Emir”), she played an assassin who performs an exotic Arabian dance. She also played a nurse in the U.S. Navy with exotic Arabian dance skills in an episode of McHale’s Navy (“Pumpkin Takes Over”, 1965). From September 1967 Craig appeared in her highest-profile role as Batgirl for the third and last season of the 1960s ABC TV series Batman. As Batgirl she wore a purple and yellow outfit and rode a “purple motorcycle with white lace trim”, whereas as her alter ego Barbara Gordon she played the librarian daughter of Commissioner Gordon (played by Neil Hamilton). The New York Times praised her for “add[ing] a scrappy girl-power element” to a TV series it described as “campy”. In a 1968 episode of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (“Haunted Honeymoon”), she played a bride-to-be stranded overnight at Gull Cottage. In a 1970 episode of Land of the Giants (“Wild Journey”), she played one-half of a humanoid, time-observing duo (alongside Bruce Dern) who chase two of the Earth castaways (series stars Gary Conway and Don Marshall) into the past, ultimately forcing them to relive the flight that sent them to the giants’ planet. She appeared in guest roles in Love, American Style (the first episode, and three more after that), Kentucky Jones, The Big Valley, It Takes a Thief, The Mod Squad, and Emergency!. In 1973 she appeared in a season 1 episode of Kojak called “Dark Sunday” and in 1977 made a guest appearance in The Six Million Dollar Man. She also made appearances as herself on some celebrity editions of Family Feud (1976-1985 version). She complained to DC Comics in 1988 when Barbara Gordon was shot and paralyzed by the Joker in the graphic novel Batman: The Killing Joke. When her Hollywood career ended (her last film work was in Digging Up Business, in 1990), she ventured into private business. She was briefly a co-producer of industrial shows, before starting a new career as a real estate broker. Craig published an autobiography called From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond in 2000. She appeared in the 2005 documentary film Ballets Russes. From 2009 to 2011 she voiced “Grandma” on the animated children’s show Olivia. She was also a philanthropist and advocate for workers unions, free mammograms, and equal pay for women (died 2015): “One of the reasons I did the Batman series was so people would attach a name to my face. Before that, I had done a lot of television, but all people would say was, ‘Oh, that’s um, um, what IS her name?’”

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