One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde

One Of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde

This is the sixth book (thus far) in the series featuring Thursday Next, resident of an England in an Alternative Universe, who is both working for Special Ops as a Literary Detective and in the world of Books in JurisFiction. This book does feature her, but a different one of her; I first read this book in March 2011, and I very much enjoyed reading this book again.

After the events of the previous book, First Among Sequels, the written Thursday Next who had been Thursday5 (the one whose book was remaindered, who favored tie dye, sandals, and hugging) took over as the Thursday for the first four books, which had featured Thursday1-4, who wore black spandex, and shot just about anything that moved that she had not slept with yet. (Needless to say, Thurday1-4 had been very popular.) Having washed out as a JurisFiction Agent Trainee under the real Thursday Next, the written one now runs the first four books, against the objections of the other characters, who much prefered being Read under Thursday1-4 than being Unread under Thursday5; she also works for JAID (Jurisfiction Accident Investigation Department) in her plentiful spare time, and is considered a rather inept investigator.

Shortly after the remaking of the BookWorld, which went with a geographical model wrapped around the inside of a sphere, the written Thursday is ordered to investigate an accident; a book in transit above the Island exploded and spread a debris field. In short order she acquires a Duplex-5 robot butler (that needs rewinding at intervals, and has an eyebrow pointer to indicate emotions), finds that the accident may not have been an accident, is told that “one of our Thursdays is missing”, and, as she continues her investigation, keeps being attacked by the Men in Plaid, who are trying to either end her investigation or kill her.

I very much enjoyed reading this book; I will note that this book is the reason I gave up on my Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Club I used to belong to, because this book was picked as a selection; when I pointed out it was the sixth book in a series, and that one really needed to have read the other five books to understand it, I was told “Well, it was very well reviewed.” (I have since learned that that Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Club went kaput.) And I will be rereading the next book in the series, The Woman Who Died a Lot, in short order.


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