Trace by Patricia Cornwell (Ebook)

Trace by Patricia Cornwell

This novel is the thirteenth in the series featuring Dr. Kay Scarpetta, formerly the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Virginia, and now doing freelance work in Florida. I enjoyed the book, but thought it ended rather anti-climatically.

After five years in Florida, Scarpetta is asked by Dr. Joel Marcus, now the Chief Medical Examiner for the State of Virginia, to come to Richmond to aid in the investigation of a teenage girl’s death. She arrives to find her former office in disarray, and that Dr. Marcus deeply resents her.

Meanwhile, in Florida, where Scarpetta’s niece Lucy is living in a palatial mansion while running The Last Precinct, a female employee (and Lucy’s lover) is attacked by an intruder in the mansion. Lucy sends Henri to Aspen to Benton Wesley in the hopes that Benton can find out what happened.

The mystery in this book hinges on trace evidence, and determining why the same trace evidence is present in two entirely different deaths is crucial to solving at least one of the mysteries.

I enjoyed reading the book, but there remain several loose ends; and I thought the book ended on a less than exciting note.

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