For One More Day by Mitch Albom

For One More Day by Mitch Albom

I did not realize, before I started reading this small novel, that I had read it before in January of 2007. It is a novel about regret and second chances, and I enjoyed reading this book.

The story is told by a man named Charles Benetto; raised by his mother from the age of eleven after his father left the family, he plays baseball and follows his father’s dream for him of being in pro baseball. After baseball (he was only in the major leagues six weeks before blowing out his knee) he drifts into sales, and is not with his mother when she dies, because his father had finagled him into an Old Timers game across the country. He drinks, loses his job and his family, and decides to kill himself at the house where he and his sister grew up. While drunk, he drives down the upramp and is hit by a truck. To his surprise, he is not dead, and goes to his old house  – and his mother, who died eight years ago, cleans up his scratches and cooks him breakfast. 

This book is an exploration of what one would say, if one could go back and spend another day with someone who has died; and I enjoyed reading this book.


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