50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupré

50 Philosophy Ideas You Really Need to Know by Ben Dupré

This nonfiction book is a set of essays, introducing the major ideas of philosophy from antiquity to the modern age, and I think it is a great resource.

After the Introduction, various topics are covered in grouped essays. Problems of Knowledge covers, among other things, the “brain in a vat”  theory and Cogito Ergo Sum. We move on to Mind Matters (Turing tests), before we reach Ethics (the Golden Rule and slippery slopes). After a short section on Animal Rights, we have Logic and Meaning (the gambler’s fallacy). Short sections on Science (Occam’s Razor) and Asthetics (what is art?) are followed by a long section on Religion (the ontological arguments for the existence of God), and, finally, a long section on Politics, Justice, and Society (the Prisoner’s Dilemma and just war theory). The book ends with a Glossary of terms.

This book was a very interesting read, and I am glad to have it in my library.

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