Daily Update: Thursday, February 23rd, 2017


Today is the Memorial of Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr (died c. 155).

Today’s Saint was born in AD 69 and was converted to Christianity by Saint John the Apostle, remaining his disciple. Becoming Bishop of Smyrna (modern Izmir, Turkey), he fought Gnosticism and was a major Christian leader during the first half of the second century. The Asia Minor churches recognized Polycarp’s leadership and chose him as their representative to Pope Anicetus on the question of the date of the Easter celebration. Only one of the many letters written by Polycarp has survived, the one he wrote to the Church of Philippi, Macedonia. At 86 Polycarp was to be burned alive in the stadium in Smyrna; the flames did not harm him, and he was finally killed by a dagger and his body burned. The Acts of Polycarp’s martyrdom are the earliest preserved reliable account of a Christian martyr’s death. He is one of the Apostolic Fathers, and is the Patron Saint invoked against dysentery and earache (and in my opinion, it would be dreadful to have both afflictions at the same time).

Last night Richard went out and got gas for my car. And our LSU Tigers in their College Baseball game beat the Hofstra Pride by the score of 8 to 1.

I woke up at 8:00 am, just as Richard was leaving the house in the car to pick up Lele to take her to her doctor’s appointment in Lafayette. I did my Book Devotional Reading and started my laundry; I then ate my breakfast toast and read the Thursday papers. After starting the dishwasher, I did my Internet Devotional Reading and said the Fourth Day of my Lenten Novena. After updating some of my book lists and determining the next books I will be reading, I did a couple of Advance Daily Update Drafts for this weblog. Richard got home at 11:30 am from Lafayette.

We left the house at 12:00 pm, ate Chinese for lunch at Peking, then Richard got my salad supplies for me at Wal-Mart. We arrived home at 1:00 pm, and I finished my laundry, did another Advance Daily Update Draft for my weblog, then ironed my Casino pants, apron, and shirts. I then made my lunch salads for tomorrow and Saturday. Our #8 LSU Lady Tigers won their College Softball game with the New Mexico State Lady Aggies in Cathedral City, California by the score of 9 to 0, and they are now playing a College Softball game with the Bethune-Cookman Lady Wildcats. I will sign off on this Daily Update now, and after Jeopardy! at 4:30 pm I will take a bath and do some reading before going to bed. Our LSU Lady Tigers (18-9, 7-7) will be playing an Away College Basketball game with the Auburn Lady Tigers (15-12, 5-8). And our New Orleans Pelicans (23-34, 3-6) will be playing a Home NBA game with the Houston Rockets (40-18, 7-4).

Tomorrow we have no Saints to honor, but tomorrow is the anniversary of the date in 1582 when Pope Gregory XIII issued the papal bull Inter gravissimas to correct the old Julian calendar (and thereby ushered in the current Gregorian Calendar, adopted first by Catholic countries and later, with some grumbling, by non-Catholic countries). Richard and I will return to the casino for the start of our work week, and on my breaks I will be reading one of my books. Our #4 LSU Tigers (4-1, 0-0) will be playing a Home College Baseball game with the Maryland Terrapins, and our #8 LSU Lady Tigers will be playing the Long Beach State 49er in Cathedral City, California.

Our Thursday Afternoon Parting Quote comes to us from Paul C. P. McIlhenny, American businessman. Born in 1944 in Houston, Texas, he was a member of the McIlhenny family that had founded the McIlhenny Company on Avery Island, Louisiana, in 1868 to manufacture their trademarked Tabasco sauce. He joined the family business (as part of the sixth generation of the family of the founder) in 1967, serving over the years in many different departments of the company. He spearheaded the idea of selling Tabasco-branded items, such as T-shirts, watches, aprons, golf balls, salt shakers, and neckties, all bearing the distinctive Tabasco diamond green and red symbol.. McIlhenny became president of McIlhenny Company in 1998. Under McIlhenny’s leadership the business experienced several consecutive years of record growth in sales, earnings and dividends to family shareholders. In 2006 he reigned as King of Rex at the New Orleans Mardi Gras, at the first Mardi Gras after Hurricane Katrina the previous August. In 2009 the McIlhenny Company became one of just a few U.S. companies to receive a royal warrant of appointment that certifies the company as a supplier to Queen Elizabeth II. McIlhenny is one of the 850 companies around the world that have been officially designated as suppliers to the queen by such warrants. He remained as president of the company until 2012, when he stepped down to replace his late cousin, Edward “Ned” McIlhenny Simmons, as Chairman of the Board. McIlhenny retained the office of Chief Executive Officer, however, while another cousin, Tony Simmons, became president and Chief Operating Officer (died 2013): “We’re defending the world against bland food.”

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