Messenger by Lois Lowry (Ebook)

Messenger by Lois Lowry (Ebook)

This young adult book (which I read on Overdrive via my tablet) is the third book in the Giver quartet, preceded by The Giver and Gathering Blue. This book was a great book, which I enjoyed reading.

Matty (who, six years before, was the boy Matt in Gathering Blue) is now about twelve, and lives in Village with Seer (the blind man who is the father of Kira, also from Gathering Blue). He does not have his true name yet, but hopes that it will be Messenger, as he is used as such by Leader (Jonas from The Giver) to travel through Forest to communicate with other communities. Forest has been known to exhibit animosity, to the point of killing people with strangling vines, but Matty has never been the object of Forest’s animosity. He has recently discovered his Gift by healing a frog in Forest, whose leg was mangaled,  back to full health, but he has not talked about this Gift with anyone.

Village has always been welcoming of newcomers, but a spirit of unease is spreading; at Trades, people are no longer trading goods or services, but spiritual values for love or vanity. This has had a bad effect on Village; over the objections of Leader, the town votes to exclude outsiders. Leader sends Matty to go through Forest to post notices advising the date the border of Village will be closed, and Seer additionally sends Matty to go to Kira’s community to bring her to Village before the border closes.

I very much enjoyed this book, and will soon be reading Son, the fourth book in the Giver quartet.

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