A World Without Smells by Lars Lundqvist (Ebook)

A World Without Smells by Lars Lundqvist (Ebook)

This amazing book is about what it is like to live with Congenital Anosmia, the state of being born with no sense of smell. As someone who has Congenital Anosmia, this is the first time I have read a book that spoke so deeply to me about a condition that most of the world does not even recognize exists, and I loved reading the book.

The author is a PhD and Associate Professor in silviculture (the growth and cultivation of trees) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and lives at 64° North; I am a casino games dealer in Louisiana, living at 30.5° North, but he and I have had a marked similarity in our experiences. He writes about what Congenital Anosmia is, how no one truly can understand what it’s like to live in a world without smells except someone who also has Congenital Anosmia, what it meant to grow up with no sense of smell, the relationship between taste and smell, the dangers of being a person with  Congenital Anosmia (which I know well), and how one who has Congenital Anosmia must live and abide by rules regarding cleanliness and personal hygiene only for the benefit of those who have no sense of smell. He also includes links to various Congenital Anosmia sites online, and to the Congenital Anosmia Facebook group. (While he did not mention me by name in his book, and really would have no reason to, I am the person who founded the Congenital Anosmia Facebook group, and I am also the current co-administrator of the group, which mainly means keeping out the bots who try to join up to sell sunglasses or pornography.)

I loved reading this book; it’s the first time I have read a book and exclaimed “I could have written this!”. And I recommend this book to anyone who is in any way connected with anyone who has Congenital Anosmia.

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One thought on “A World Without Smells by Lars Lundqvist (Ebook)

  1. LizEllen

    Having bilateral ampliopa i can sympathize i still revall one of our patients realizing we shared a condition was so excited! So you finding someone who lived with your condition is equally exciting.

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